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This is my site for just about anything that comes to mind.  On the rant page I blow off a little bit . . .  Later I'll include those things that make you say huh, Stuff that I've picked up along the way that really doesn't fit any of my other websites.

   Well it is holiday season and I wish everyone the happiest of times.  Please look around my site, visit my advertisors  (it helps me pay the site's bills)

So look around and if you like something  let me know by using Google plus one , Facebook, or other methods that I'll include on the pages or lastly drop me an email at Mr(at)

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How would you like to get something for free?  Well the first free item is viewing this website. I am giving you the free right to view my website, even though it has taken my time and money.  I hope you enjoy it!

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